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Jeweler to the stars sets roots in Carlsbad

If you spend any time listening to the song “Baller Baby,” or watching music videos of artists such as Chingy or Ludacris, you will hear the name Rob Jewels mentioned. That’s because the Carlsbad master jeweler created jewelry designs for both, plus many other celebrities.

In fact, Rob is famous not only with rappers, but also among many celebrities because of his jewelry designs. “I’ve created diamond glasses for Shaquille O’Neal, jewelry for Rick Fox of the Los Angeles Lakers, Venessa Williams, Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Gisele Bündchen and numerous others.” There’s even an Usher and Ludacris music video in which Ludacris happily shows off a three hundred thousand-dollar diamond-studded pinky ring Rob created, while Usher teases the viewer with his high-end watch that Rob also produced. “Yeah!”

Rob says, “When it comes to offering jewelry designs and repair services, anything that can possibly be done, we can do it, and in any style you wish. You want something, say, for a hundred dollars or for a hundred thousand dollars, we can offer either at a great value.”

Glancing around his brightly-lit and very polished-looking shop, you might notice some unique items, such as the ten-karat diamond tennis bracelets in white and yellow gold. Another unique item is a neckless with a gold pendant in the shape of a paperclip. “A lot of women have become excited about them,” says Rob, “which is why I get so many requests. We also offer wholesale prices on jewelry and loose diamonds.”

A native Californian, Rob Jewels began learning the business of jewelry design and repair at and around the age of ten, mostly under the tutelage of his father. “Over the years, besides what I learned from him, I’ve taken many courses until I was twenty-one; at which point, I began designing items myself, as well as helping to open shops all over southern California locations, such as: Beverly Hills, Santa Clarita, Sherman Oaks, Ventura, and Riverside, and other towns.

When Rob first began to survey locations, he and his family decided that Carlsbad was the perfect spot, especially because of his wife who loves the beach. Plus, he has friends and relatives living in the area, which is another reason he chose Carlsbad. A number of Rob’s other relatives are also in the wholesale jewelry business and operate out of the jewelry center on 47th street in New York City.

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